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"Thank you for this term, we are really seeing the difference. She adores learning with you".

Due to the Coronavirus and its aftermath, I am still working online via Zoom. If you are interested in working with me online, do get in touch. I find it works very well via Zoom and the children enjoy it too.

Spotty Dog Tutoring is the tuition website for Hilary Burt, a UK based tutor, dyslexia specialist, musician/composer and dog lover!

I offer dyslexia tuition to children who have had a dyslexia assessment or who have dyslexic tendencies such as slow reading, poor spelling, difficulties with handwriting, low self-esteem/confidence. 

I specialise in making the basics of phonics, spelling, grammar, handwriting and punctuation palatable for all children whether they are in Year 2 or Year 6

These skills are the building blocks of literacy and I aim to make the lessons fun and relevant whilst making sure the children are learning and retaining their knowledge.

There is a strong emphasis on creativity and fun. Every child is an individual and I am continually making professional decisions as to what is best for the child at any particular time. The lessons are carefully planned to ensure progress and enjoyment. If one of my students is not enjoying their lessons then I will 'lose' them and that defeats the whole object.

I recognise that I am in a privileged position being able to work with one child at a time. I am all too aware of how difficult it is to work in a busy classroom of 30 plus children since I have been in that situation. That is why I love my work and am able to put energy and commitment into making sure each child flourishes under my tutelage.

If you are looking for online maths help I highly recommend Komodo Maths. Their British staff are very knowledgeable and several of my students have used it and loved it. I no longer teach maths.

If school is going too fast and your child is struggling to keep up, or your son or daughter has dyslexic tendencies and needs help with reading, writing and spelling, then please get in touch. I would love to help.

Your child does not need to be dyslexic to see me. 

I teach after school usually from 4pm onwards. I also often offer lessons during the holidays.

All tutoring is currently done online via Zoom. 

Stop Motion Animation

I no longer offer Stop Motion Animation sessions but to view some of our old films visit ´╗┐the Stop Motion page.

I am listed on the The Tutor Pages.com and Kids In Brighton.

Some of the online work my students did during the 2020 UK Lockdown.
Within a day of UK schools closing during the 2020 Lockdown, Spotty Dog Tutoring was working online.Here are a selection of some of the things we all got up to!
Online Dyslexia Teaching
Online Dyslexia Teaching - via Zoom I can teach your child online. I'll cover phonic development, reading & spelling skills. Online dyslexia tutor for children.
Hilary Burt Teaching
Hilary Burt is a specialist dyslexia tutor in Brighton who can help with phonics, handwriting, reading and writing. She teaches from her office near Brighton Station.
Brighton dyslexia
I teach children with dyslexia from my office in Brighton - it is a minute's walk from Brighton Station
When I teach
When I teach - these are the times when lessons can be arranged. It also shows which times are currently available.
Multisensory dyslexia teaching
Multisensory Dyslexia Teaching - some photos from my dyslexia tuition in Brighton
Multisensory Maths Teaching
Multisensory Maths Teaching - some photos from my maths tuition in Brighton
Kids Art Work
The children I teach are some of the brightest, funniest, sparkiest children you'll find. This is a page dedicated to their amazing artwork.
Students' Stories
Some examples of my students' stories.
Stop Motion Animation - bringing stories alive
Stop Motion Animation - I offer classes in stop motion animation for primary aged children. We bring stories and characters alive and have fun in the process.
Stop Motion Animation Brighton
Stop Motion Animation Brighton - these are on-going classes aimed at children who have lots of ideas but can't seem to express them at school.
Stop Frame Animation
Stop Frame Animation - here are some of the films we've made in the Spotty Dog studio in Brighton. Sessions usually take place in the school holidays when there is more time to spare.
Maths Help Online
Maths Help Online - recommended online maths games for UK children. Also help with reading if your child is slipping behind.
Why Spotty Dog Tutoring
Why Spotty Dog Tutoring? People have asked me why I called my tuition service Spotty Dog Tutoring? I have also been asked whether dogs get dyslexia!
Teaching Background Hilary Burt
Hilary Burt has been teaching since 1986 and is now a private tutor in Brighton with a specialism in dyslexia.
Lesson Prices for Spotty Dog Tutoring
This page gives lesson prices for tuition by Hilary Burt
Contact page
Contact Hilary Burt using this page

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