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Hello! I am an online children's dyslexia tutor and teach students around the UK. I try to make the basics fun and engaging and most of all I want the children to feel at ease and happy in my classes. If your child is showing dyslexic tendencies and needs some help, please get in touch.

Sometimes your messages go into my spam folder and I miss them. Please use hils of brighton @ (no spaces!!) from now on and include your mobile so I can text you when I reply - then you can fish it out of your spam if necessary!

Do get in contact with me if you are interested in finding out more about my tutoring. Please bear in mind, I no longer travel to people's houses and all my teaching is done online.

In your email please say how old your child is, what year they are in at school, the school they are at, and briefly what help you think your child needs (eg. reading support, spelling practice etc.) Also tell me whether you are interested in a regular slot or some holiday sessions.

It's a good idea to leave me your mobile number too so I can text you to say I've replied by email. I always try and get back quickly to people and sometimes my messages seem to go in the Junk Folder. The subject heading of the email will be Spotty Dog Tutoring.

Thank you.


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