Lesson prices

I teach 45 minute sessions to make the best use of the limited time after school. I charge ¬£42 for these sessions. 

I normally suggest that initially only the first lesson is paid for just to make sure the lessons will work; and then once both parties are happy I send an invoice by email for a group of lessons taking us up to each Half Term. Payment is via internet banking. 

Brighton & Hove term times are followed and if I'm around in the holidays I offer sessions for those that want it. Generally I teach for four weeks in the summer holidays as well as ad hoc sessions over Half Terms, Easter and Christmas.

All my lessons are online.

My Cancellation Policy

I am quite strict when it comes to cancellations. You are of course welcome to cancel a lesson but I do not refund or hold over lessons for a future week. If I have a cancellation in the same week, I will offer you that session in lieu but there is no guarantee of that happening.

Many private schools have longer holidays than the state system and you may find you are paying for lessons you will not use since you have family holidays already booked.

Apologies in advance for this. 

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