Why 'Spotty Dog Tutoring'?

Spotty Dog Tutoring was named after our Dalmatian who always turned heads! We rehomed her at 11 after her owner sadly passed away and we had three slightly mad, happy years with three big dogs - Portia the Dalmatian, Georgie the Golden Retriever and Jessie the black labrador cross.

I decided that I would like my car decorated with my tutoring name and I wanted something visual that people would notice and remember.

What I hadn't anticipated was the number of people who tell me in all seriousness that they didn't know dogs got dyslexia! 

I gently tell them that as far as I know they don't - and that I teach children and not dogs!

Oh well, my car gets people talking!

Please go to the Contact page if you would like to book some lessons or arrange to pop in and see me about tutoring your child.

Thank you.

Here's a picture of our dogs with our 'Spotty Dog' closest to the biscuits (how do you think I got them to be so well behaved??) P.S. there will not be a dog in the lesson I'm afraid!! I think it might be a bit distracting!

News . . . 

Our Dalmatian, Portia, and our Golden Retriever, Georgie, have both now gone to 'Rainbow Bridge' which is what dog owners call doggy heaven :-( They had fantastic lives and they are very much in our hearts.

In May 2016 we decided to find a play mate for Jessie, our black lab, and so Sami came to live with us. He is a male Golden Retriever and a bundle of joy!

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