When I teach

Dyslexia Tuition Brighton

I teach after school Monday to Friday generally between 3.45 and 6.15pm. I also teach in the summer holidays for four weeks and we can arrange a series of lessons either as revision or simply to provide a boost before the next school year starts.

If you are interested in lessons, just drop me a line and I will tell you what times I have available.

Summer holiday lessons 

Prices for holiday sessions are the same as the term time prices: £36 for a forty-five minute session or £45 for an hour.

If I already teach your child, we can continue with our programme. Alternatively, we could focus on an area like punctuation or handwriting.

As always I shall make the lessons as 'hands on' as possible using multi-sensory teaching methods.  I use Wordshark on the computer and encourage children to be as self-reliant as possible. I see my role as an enabler more than anything else helping them to help themselves.

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