Online Dyslexia Tutoring - after school or during the school holidays

Concerned your child will fall behind during the holidays?

Wondering whether some extra help might be an idea while they're out of school?

Looking to fill in some phonic gaps? 

Thinking your child might need some SATs help with all that jargon they have to learn?

Hoping to find a qualified UK teacher who knows how to talk to children and get the best out of them?

Then get in touch and let's talk!

Hilary Burt Dyslexia Tutor

I teach in the summer holidays and although my after school sessions are usually full, I occasionally have spaces so do drop me an email and enquire: hilsofbrighton @ gmail .com (close the spaces!) 

I'm based in Worthing, UK and all my teaching is now online. I find it works extremely well for this kind of detailed work. I would love to help!


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