Spotty Dog Tutoring - Lockdown Pets

Within a day of schools closing in England due to the 2020 Coronavirus, I had transferred all my teaching online. Before that I had been teaching in my office at home so had heard about my students' pets but never met them! Since all the lessons were done in their homes, I was able to meet many of the pets I'd heard so much about. Here is a page dedicated to our furry friends!

I'll start with my two dogs, Jessie and Sami. They were up in the loft during almost all my lessons until it got too hot and then they stayed downstairs. Like most dogs, they both know how to relax!

This is Sami, our Golden Retriever. As you can see, if he's on the sofa, there's no room for anyone else! Luckily I was teaching at my desk at the time!

This is one very relaxed dog! 

This is our other dog, Jessie, our black labrador-cross. She managed to have the sofa all to herself that day. Sami must have been downstairs!

Here's Jessie with one of her favourite toys: 'Hedgehog' :-)

Here's one cat I got to see fairly regularly on our Zoom lessons: Belle's lovely cat, Millie.

Here is Muffin, Milton's cat. She was often to be found curled up on the beanbag next to Milton's desk or walking over his desk while he was working!

This is 'Captain Sausage' - Pearl's cat. I've been teaching Pearl for several years now and have heard a lot about Captain Sausage! It was lovely to finally meet him :-)

This is Rory's favourite photo of his Black Labrador, Hector. He had it as his background on our Zoom call :) I heard Hector as well as saw him during our online lessons!

Here's Ava's cat Otis. He was under the bed and Ava reached out to touch him. Otis gave her his paw back. So cute!


Created and written by Hilary Burt.

All rights reserved. No reproduction without permission.