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Easyread is a British online method of teaching children to read. I have spoken at length with the creator of Easyread - David Morgan - and I highly recommend this programme. Reading help online has never been more effective.

So what is Easyread?

  • Easyread is a British system that provides 5-15 minutes of daily online lessons
  • it is based on synthetic phonics (blending the sounds of English together)
  • it works to your child's visual strengths whilst building the weaker auditory skills needed for reading and spelling
  • it is completely flexible - do it at any time of the day
  • there are experienced practioners at the end of the phone to help
  • it provides affordable help for your child
  • since it is on the internet, it can be accessed in any country around the world

Help your child with reading

There are many, many parents and teachers who have been delighted with the progress their children have made using this system. 

Here are a whole selection of testimonials from parents who have chosen this particular reading help for their child.

Highly Recommended

If you want to help your child with reading and spelling, I highly recommend this programme.

Specialist teachers are also buying this in for their students and it is being used by an increasing number of schools in the UK and around the world.

Easyread is great for children who are lagging behind in their reading. 

  • does your child tend to guess at words?
  • does she memorise pages of a book?
  • does he enjoy working at the computer and having regular reward games
  • is your child bright but somehow not 'getting' reading and spelling?
  • have they had a dyslexic diagnosis and you feel extra help is necessary?

If this sounds like your child, why not give Easyread a go? You can start with 10 free online lessons and decide from there whether you want to continue.

Private Tuition may not always be the answer

Although a tutor myself, I recognise that one hour of tuition once a week does not suit everyone. Also:

  • there may not be a suitable tutor close to where you live
  • your after-school commitments may be great and you cannot fit in an hour after school
  • your child may be tired after school and need some down-time to relax
  • you may not want the financial commitment of a private tutor every week
  • your child may struggle to concentrate for an hour's tuition

Money back guarantee

If you start an Easyread course and you feel it is not appropriate, just ask them to cancel and refund your money, no questions asked. Remember - you have 10 free lessons to see if your child likes it first. Reading help online starts with Easyread.


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