Belle's Lockdown Page

During the UK 2020 Lockdown, my students all worked hard on their reading, writing and spelling. As an extra activity and because schools were closed, I invited them to draw a picture or make a model of a specific animal and write down 5 facts about it.

This is 8 year old Belle's page. She is one of my youngest students - enthusiastic, full of fun, keen to learn, and mad about cats!!

Super Panda (SP)

Finlay the Fox

Gerald the Giraffe

Five facts about the giraffe.

Ellie the Elephant

Work on the whale

Belle did an extra session with me in the week and we were able to focus on some Maths catch-up.

We often had 'guests' in our lessons. This is Fuddle Wuddle and his cousin Sprinkles!

Well done Belle! You really worked hard during Lockdown :-)


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