Ava's Lockdown Page

During the UK 2020 Lockdown, my students all worked hard on their reading, writing and spelling. As an extra activity and because schools were closed, I invited them to draw a picture or make a model of a specific animal and write down 5 facts about it.

This is 10 year old Ava's page. 

Here is Ava's panda work :-)

Ava's beautifully happy shark!

This is a typical page from our regular work showing Beanbag Spellings, Phonological Awareness ('Red Book Work'), Phonic work (oo/u-e/ue) and sentence writing. You can see how Ava tries out different versions of a word to see how they look. This is a great technique and one I sometimes have to use on tricky words!

There's also a photo of Ava's beautiful cat, Otis, on our Pets Page.

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